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Cinematheque Jerusalem

Cinematheque Jerusalem

Cinematheque Jerusalem

One of the largest and leading media and event sites in Israel, in terms of user experience, design and technology

From the Jerusalem Cinematheque Website | The Jerusalem Cinematheque was established in 1974 by Lia and Vim Van Leer and was first housed in Agron House. Their love for cinema and rich film collection, which they spent years developing, was the foundation for the creation of the Israel Film Archive and the screening of quality films at the Cinematheque.

With the generous support of George Ostrovsky and the ongoing collaboration with then mayor Teddy Kollek, the Cinematheque made its current location at the Ben Hinnom Valley, across the spectacular vistas of the Old City, its permanent home.  With four screening halls and the growing film archive, the Cinematheque   screens commercial films, Israeli films, films from around the world, and a selection from it archival treasures.

During 2016 we started working on what was to become the largest Drupal project in Israel and one of the world leaders! The work began with a thorough characterization of the website, which included general project characterization, full technical characterization of the website (full content architecture) and preliminary planning of the user experience. The Jerusalem Cinematheque asked for a new, refreshing website with a great user experience and a unique management system suited to the complex needs of content managers. The second stage was a design process, designed by Good Studio, which ultimately led to a pleasing design, special, clean which reflects the large media of the Cinematheque, full events, full information about different films and more.

Then we continued a development process that lasted almost a year. A very complex development process that included a highly complex and challenging content architecture, a lot of tools that improved the content managers' editing experience, complex structures and lots of dedicated codes in writing various components specifically for this project.

Today we are pleased to present a great website and new relationship with another happy customer.

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Home pages building interface, lobby pages and landing pages
Home pages building interface, lobby pages and landing pages

Designed and unique interface of its kind that enables creation of home pages, lobby pages and landing pages.

Pages can be scheduled for publication, internal scheduling of each item on a given page, full control over all display items and each item, exporting items from an existing database and / or displaying automatic lists, adding forms to pages, and many more options designed to create a special luxurious user experience.


Main Events Calendar
Main Events Calendar

A complete events calendar in an excellent design and experience. The calendar displays events in a highly intelligent manner, accompanied by many algorithms that know how to take into consideration missing content and present others in their place, display events according to advertising status, according to card stock, by advertising status and other variables. The calendar displays detailed information in a floating window about the event including its additional screenings. As in the rest of the website, the content displayed comes from several different types of content and related entities, all automatically according to predetermined settings.

A mini calendar that can be viewed at any time

From the menu you can directly access a small calendar that shows day events and allows zapping between additional days. Like the big calendar, this calendar also behaves very smartly.

List of Smart Films Screening

On each movie page, event or group of films, there is a smart list of screening showing future and / or previous screenings. The table takes many variables and connects them to present relevant data.

Full screen internal reference images on each page

There are many types of content on the website, each page of the website can display a full screen image, high quality, which enhances the browsing experience, creates a strong impression and leaves the user on the page longer than usual. The proven end result is a constant improvement in the conversion ratio and data. Information about images is automatically updated within the context of different entities.

Custom TOPTIX payment gateway and integrations
Creating multiple events with a single click
By the interfacing window you can create multiple screenings from a given movie, all with a single click.
Sync between website’s events and Toptix
By this, the Information about screening time, the hall, the price and other information will always be synced.
Full and responsive payment Interface
Full interface for payment through TopTix, also on Mobile.
Screening Selection Interface
In movie pages you will be able to select a different screening and the content will be changed accordingly, such as cost, date and time, etc.
Create multiple custom purchases form
Possibility to create unique contact forms with a purchasing system.