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Barel Real Estate

The Barel Real Estate Group, the leading real estate company in the north of Israel, is synonymous with strength and knowledge in the real estate world. This gives its clients a full security cover throughout every stage of the transaction. The company was established in 1999 by entrepreneur Amir Bramli and provides private and commercial real estate consultancy and services, mediation and entrepreneurship, projects and premium transactions, initiation and development of real estate transactions in Israel and abroad. The company team includes key personalities of the real estate world, many field agents and high quality office services. 

Barel Properties has contacted us during 2016 aiming to make a digital turnaround including a completely new website connected directly to their real estate system, the Bambi system. This is a company which includes many agents, a large number of properties for sale, rent and more. 

The company is very active in the real estate field and real-time connection to the client was crucial for them.
The new website, one of the leading in its field in Israel, answers many needs of the client, both from the client side and from the site managers and field agents side.

Integration with third party systems
For the BarEl site, as for many other sites, we have materialized a dedicated development transferring real time information from a third party system used by the client. Over the past decade, we have developed great expertise in working with other system
Search Engine Smart Property from Home Page

A smart property finder and search interface directly from the home page, which has already proven to be the most effective on this website in terms of browsing data. The engine leads the user directly to the results page of the parameters he is looking for and allows him to continue filtering using many other search values. The search engine also has additional advanced search engine optimization settings customized for its activity.

A dynamic map showing the number of properties in a given area

Imagine a map presenting the number of properties in a particular locality, and then at the click of a button, you can zoom in to see the locality you wish to examine closely and the map will show you the different neighborhoods and the number of properties in each neighborhood! There is not need for imagination, we are interfacing with Google maps as well as the real estate system and so creating a cool map.

Luxurious property page

All information about the property is taken from the Bambi system, or it can be updated on the site management system. The page displays high quality galleries, a map, drawings, a lot of information about the property, a most updated price, sale/rental status and more ...

Similar properties? In the highly advanced variables interface

We have created a particularly advanced similar properties interface based on a smart algorithm that knows how to treat different situations under many pre-conditions. Modes can be whether the asset is for sale/rent, property cost, location (by km ranges) and other parameters.

System alerts for data search properties

We have developed a smart alert system that can take user data and search variables and send the user periodic updates through the newsletter about new properties that match the search values.