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איזה דרך לבחור

Which road should I choose?

11 Key Rules Before Building a Website
Yael Fish
יעל פיש | מנהלת שיווק ופיתוח עסקי
Yael Fish | Marketing & Business Development Manager

Which road should I choose?

Building a website is not complicated - you take a template, add design, a few buttons, SEO and you are all set 
If so, what is the difference between a site that costs $1,000,000  and one that costs $199?
And what will work the best for you?

To build a website that achieves its goals, it is important to characterize it properly.
There are countless considerations, from the number of pages and promotional elements to the design and user interface.

You got a quote, what should you pay attention to?

Let's start one step back, before looking for the supplier that will fulfill your dream.
Invite yourself to a  meeting with colleagues, employees and anyone who can think with you.
Visit similar sites and write down your likes and dislikes
Define the site feature: a simple corporate website, content website, virtual store, or complex portal.

So what is important to check? here is a checklist that can help:

  • Characterization 
    Target audience, goals, branding, technology architecture (building "Site Map")
    It require a professional/ I can set up alone

  • Security level
     I need the maximum / there no sensitive information on the site

  • SEO Promotion Elements
    Need the widest version / I have no aspirations for promotion

  • Does the site require interface / integration with third-party systems 
    (inventory / Payment system..)
      yes/ no

  • Maximum responsive design ( for all types of screens / mobile)

  • UX / UI meticulous design
     I want custom template, emphasizing user experience and user interface/ ready template is good enough

  • Content Management System - Flexible, diverse permissions and easy to operate / limited to content management only.

  • Designing and developing unique interfaces and tools (dedicated components)
    It is important that I have the option / have no aspirations

  • Creativity
     the sky is the limit - I want maximum technological flexibility

  • Support 
    I need a peripheral support package that includes server maintenance and storage

  • number of pages, languages ​​
    I have a lot of content / I don't need more than a few pages and one language 

If you ask what's most important, I'll answer with a story that happened to me on 
New Year's Eve 2020
We were invited to a festive launch event of an exclusive venue
we went out with another couple of friends to fill our body with fine alcohol with good music.
We've arrived at spectacular place - meticulous design combined with elements of nature, everything was just incredible 
Even the toilet compartment was designed in a different wild style that made people open, door after door with excitement
In the design section, no doubt, a large budget was invested.
all of us comes from a marketing / welfare background and practiced in exploring places for big events.
One specializes in sound, the other in culinary, we immediately began to examine 
every angle and got excited.

The story ends in the middle of the event when we chose to give up the "pleasure" and go gobbling up street food.
It is evident that all the rest of the "sections" where less emphasized .
and the overall experience made us declare that we will not return.
The acoustics were not designed properly, causing the sound to be jarring, the stage was not height-adjusted for the audience and the food was mediocre and limited enough for an audience to walk around with empty rolls to pad the stomach before the cocktails ,which were great by the way

you got the picture, let's go back to the case.
When you about to make a strategic marketing decision -
There is big value in seeing all details and look at the overall picture.
As the site becomes more complex and requires real-time integrations, you will need to maximize each value.

I find it difficult and unprofessional to give a price estimate without characterizing the needs.
That so, you won't see a price chart here
Each one of the checklist value is a world in itself and can range from a few dollars 
to thousands of dollars.
Of course, there are sections where there is no room to compromise like a responsive site adjusted to all types of browsers and devices.
And if you don't need a real-time inventory system or a secure clearing system.
The costs will drop automatically.
If you need to integrate the entire "checklist" in the widest possible way-  building a large portal with multiple functions
Using an advanced management system -CMS, and implementing it by a senior planner is necessary and will save costs over time.
in that case the baget can't be less than $ 25,000

Where should you start?
A professional quote will come only after understanding your deep needs.
And in complex sites only after a few meetings with the vendor.
Consult with the professional and choose people who will walk with you, even if it is a short road.
It is equally important to consider the continuity of engagement with the vendor, because as technology is constantly changing at each site, upgrades are required along the way.
Ask to speak to existing customers and make sure that you choose a company that emphasizes customer service and will know how to provide you with a fast and reliable response.
It is important to understand that a site that is not optimized for evolving technology will inevitably require rebuilding and will of course not produce the best results increasing conversion rate - leads / sales

So if you have growth plans you should invest in a flexible CMS content system.
And if you got here and you didn't get tired ..
In this post written by Amir Taiar , you can read on a comparison between two market leading content systems designed for large and complex websites.

 If you want to hear more feel free contact us.

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