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Drupal intefrations

Our top 5 integrations in 2019

Integrations are our favorite part on each website project and we help brands implement lead process.
אמיר תייר
אמיר תייר | מנהל שותף
Amir Taiar

Our top 5 integrations in 2019

Integrations are our favorite part on each website and digital project.

Not only do they include such an interesting process of API research, planning, edge cases consideration, architecture and UX, they are the cherry on top for our dev team. 

They just love it! You should see there eyes spread open once they notice a new task with and new integration requirement, though they will love the most complicated tasks, they still get so much satisfaction completing the simple tasks. 

As for the other team members, the PM, sales, marketing, this is a celebration. Especially for the non developers teambers, to see the magic happens is a great joy. 

So to make it short, I have collected 5 of the best integrations we accomplish in 2019 (So far), with a taste to the biggest one we can’t publish yet. 

Using Zabbix + AWS + Telegram + Acquia server + Drupal to auto generate HTML static site to replace the live website

Many of our clients can’t afford downtime. A situation in which their site is not available, for many reasons, will damage their business activity. 

HERE Mobility asks us to find a solution which will notify us in case there is an urgent issue with the site and he is not available, or seriously damaged. 

We developed and maintain 3 important website for HERE Mobility; Here Mobility, Somo, Here Mobility Developers. All of this sites hosted on Acquia cloud product

So the process was to get a 200 answer from each site, and in case we don’t receive one we use Zabbix (Installed on AWS) to generate notification to our Telegram channel. We also add one more test string, so Zabbix will also check for content changes and in this case we will just get a notification. At the same time we use SSH script to switch GIT branch, using Acquia API, to display the static html site. 
Finally it’s working and we can sleep well… 

Telegram zabbix integration
Dummy example from the dev site

Using Google Cloud Vision API to scan uploaded images

We work with Shatil - The new israeli fund initiative for social change for more than 4 years now.  During this period we design (Now redesigning from scratch) the main site and other websites such as the Shatil Image Stock website. The site offers a huge stock of images for the publishers to use for free, and also allow users to upload images themselves. 

Elections Israel
Using filters to display required images fast

Since we use different filters to help the user reach his required images, filters such as color, size, landscape/vertical and so on, and also since we allow massive bulk images upload, we wanted to help the site editor with this parts by auto populate this data once an image is uploaded. 

So we use Google Cloud Vision API to scan the image and while uploading add tags [3], colors [1] and other image metadata [2]. Then we use Google Translate API to translate this tags and other metadata into Hebrew. 
We also allow the editor to modify this data for each image or for many of them in a single action. 

Google Vision API

Using Toptix not just as a payment process but real event data driven 

Toptix is one of the major payment solution for big event places, such as theaters, stadiums and so on. We started to work with Cinematheque Jerusalem, design and develop their website, four years ago. This one is definitely a complicated Drupal site and one of the biggest Drupal site in Israel. 

The basic request was to integrate Toptix with the Drupal site so users can purchase tickets. This was a “simple” request in which we solve by developing a dedicated module (plugin in Drupal). 
The more advanced task was to integrate the editor experience to Toptix so we can save editing time and make it more accurate. 

While adding a new event (event/movie) to the site editor can access Toptix data, easly find his movie using autocomplete form, then the movie data will populate other fields on the Drupal side such as price, hall, stock and more, all this without the need to leave the Drupal site. Also, we took care on edge cases and contradictions. 

Cinemateque Jerusalem

Send SMS with smart deep link using Twilio

This one is still on the way, in a new project we work on for HERE Mobility, but it will be used also in SoMo website. It might consider as a basic integration request by many applications marketing websites trying to target their audience users to download an app on their mobile. 

The users access the site on a desktop, we ask for their phone number and send them sms using Twilio messaging service which allow us to use different “From” numbers (Also can be a name text instead of a number) to send SMS to the recipient number in many countries. 

Forms leads data to Hubspot related forms

HERE Mobility site have several forms in which the editor can create and publish on any part of the site using a custom builder we create for him. 

We use the Hubspot Drupal module with some custom code to allow the editor to create a use an autocomplete custom widget to make the relation between the Hubspot form and the Drupal form, while adding a new form to the site. 

So not only do we integrate a single form in a most basic way to Hubspot, we also created this smart widget which integrate with Hubspot, he receive the forms title,  map the Hubspot form fields to the Drupal form fields, check for missing fields on both sides and make the connection to send the leads data. 

This is such an important process for so many companies in which there site manage several forms. 

On other sites, of other client we create same approach with slightly different methods. A good example will be integration to Salesforce - Single form on Drupal, which display on many pages, but the leads sent to several Salesforce form depends on which page is it. 

And here some more cool integrations in 2019: 

  • Send leads to Salesforce combined with a payment method. 
  • Careers page fully integrated to Comeet service  to dynamic display all the careers by categories, a career page with all the data and a form send leads back to Comeet.
  • We also integrated Drupal to Greenhouse in same process. 
  • Custom integration to clients DB - Many of our big clients, such as Delek Israel, have self maintain DB and API. We helped this clients connect the site (Leads and other data) to their “safe box”. 
  • Send and receive tasks data From Wrike, our project management tool, to a Drupal site, a custom customer service site we developed for our own use. We send data like title, description, duration, timelog, comments, and way more. 
  • Integrate many E-Commerce websites to a variety of payment methods such as Pelepay, Tranzila, Pelecard, Veripay and way more. Many of them we needed to custom code since the client had special needs such as combing the payment process with invoice, stock and shipping systems.   

Can we help you with your integration needs as well? 

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