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Building a website- is it a hard nut to crack?

Building a website is it a hard nut to crack?

Yael Fish
יעל פיש | מנהלת שיווק ופיתוח עסקי
Yael Fish | Marketing & Business Development Manager

Building a website is it a hard nut to crack?

Many businesses understand today more than ever the need to set up a website.Whether it is an e-commerce, corporate or a multi-content website. Before starting the process and in order to do it right you have to ask yourself: What are your needs? 

To build a website that achieves its goals, it is important to characterise it properly. There are countless considerations, from the call to action buttons, promotional elements and the design and user experience. And of course, it is equally important to choose a content management system that will fulfil all the needs.

This article will try to give some important points before choosing an ideal content management system. Many businesses are familiar with the popular content management systems WordPress or Wix. WordPress first published on May 27, 2003. About a third of the world's sites run on WordPress. Wix Founded in 2006 in Israel, have more than 110 million users in more than 190 countries.

Both content management systems allow developing a website without knowledge or experience in code or web design. And it can certainly fit into small and non-composite sites. Of course with the help of a developer, you can also create complex sites within those systems. But once a web developer is needed to create a complex and unique website it is advisable to choose a content management system that does not think for you but rather provides you with the infrastructure to tailor your exact suit.

There are a wide variety of advanced content management systems that give options which allow more complexity, reliability, and scalability.

I'll focus in this article in Drupal. First, a partial overview of the world's largest sites with Drupal:

  • Government institutions: The City of London, New York State, Australian Government
  • Financial Institutions: Webster Bank, Bank of America, Citi bank
  • multi-content website: Nasa, NBA, Taboola
  • Institutions of higher education: University of Colorado, Tel Aviv University, Yale
  • Ecommerce:,,, whole foods market
  • Corporate:, warner brothers, MTV

As mentioned, this is a very partial list of the leading sites in their field. There are many more.

So what is the magic behind Drupal? Review several key points

Website Security Among the open-source software Drupal provides one of the most secure environments to manage. Many security problems are prevented due to strong coding standards and rigorous community code review process. A dedicated security team, along with a large professional service provider ecosystem, and one of the largest developer communities in the world ensure rapid response to issues. That's the reason Leading corporations, brands, and governments rely on Drupal. 

Flexibility Drupal is one of the most flexible retail solutions for websites due to its modularity in the core principles. Drupal tools help you build the versatile, structured content that dynamic web experiences need and themes let you customize your content's presentation. Drupal’s third-party integrations adapt to the changing needs of a business and provide Innovative digital experience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) There are a lot of things you can do to help your site's search ranking. Drupal modules will help make SEO easy for you-by optimized your website for quickly search engines.

User Experience With the help of Drupal's tools, you can accurately plan and provide your users with their needs and requirements such as: Structure Content Hierarchy, Design proposals custom made and automatic compatibility for any screen.

In conclusion

Some would say that Drupal is complex to operate. Yes, it is true, a senior developer is required to understand all Drupal's resolutions and possibilities. But once you have a built-in system you can easily operate it. And most importantly, it will allow you to create the specific requirements for your business with a robust system that’s adaptable to ever-changing demand. And don't forget that Drupal is an open-source system. There are no licensing fees, ever will always be free, with thousands of developers around the world contributing from their knowledge. Drupal scalable as your company grows, connect your main website, campaigns and any other micro-sites you decide to launch.

And no less important

 If you want to get results and analysis from your site- It doesn't matter if you build it in Drupal or any other system it always matters who is building it. When you choose a development company a professional quote will come only after understanding your deep needs. Consult with the professional and choose people who will walk with you, even if it is a short road. It is equally important to consider the continuity of engagement with the vendor because as technology is constantly changing at each site, upgrades are required along the way. Ask to speak to existing customers and make sure that you choose a company that emphasizes customer service and will know how to provide you with a fast and reliable response.

Good luck! 

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